1-2-1 Private Street Photography Workshop


I am a self-taught professional photographer with over 9 years experience in the street photography genre. I shoot this style because it suits my personality. I am a people-watcher, curious about the world, I was the kid who looked up at the clouds and saw a face or a shape of an animal - I still do! I don't have a degree in photography - I shoot from the heart! If you are passionate about photography, I can teach you the tools and techniques to create street photos that leave an impact and tap into the heart and mind of others.

I create photographs that tell a story, conjures emotions, and/or are aesthetically pleasing to my eye. In essence, as a street photographer I take photographs that I enjoy looking at and sharing them online or as a print allows me to give the viewer a glimpse into what I saw at that one moment in time through the viewfinder. People have often said to me that they can relate to the moments, feel an emotion, that my images awaken a memory or thought or that they feel connected to them in some way.

I've taken 1000s of photos, put the work in, walked 100s of miles, I have studied the masters of street photography, I have met some of my photography mentors, read their books. I visit art and photography galleries, enjoy meeting fellow creatives; whether in music, photography, design or art. I'm fascinated by psychology of people, forever interested in the ever changing world around me and try to learn something new everyday to inspire me.

My photography hobby started 9 years ago, and has now developed into a passion and a lifestyle and my full time work. I sell art prints to private collectors and hotels around the world, do exhibitions, I have been published in books and magazines, I volunteer my photography services to a homeless charity, curate art for exhibitions, judge competitions (occasionally win competitions!), organise group photo walks and I also teach these photography workshops, amongst other activities.


These 1-2-1 workshops are about you - I help you tap into your mind's eye, develop your style, find techniques that suit you and see the world as a street photographer. I have a wealth of experience and knowledge and I am happy to pass on some of this to those who want to learn from someone like me.

If you are a beginner or even a creative professional who would like to expand your camera skills, improve your compositions, boost your confidence, your content ideas, get tips and advice in any aspect of street photography. I offer this and more through informal workshops which includes a guided photo walk, some challenges to train your eyes in a suitable London location and sit-down briefing based tuition sessions

We will walk the streets of London; I will guide you, help you get the type of shots you want to get, teach you to get closer to your subject, understand what things can improve your shots, start to train your eyes to see shots in everyday situations you may have otherwise walked past.

There is no pre-set session, I personalise tuition around you and what you want to get out of it. Whether you want a 2-hour session, a full day or anything in between.


Linda is a great teacher, an inspiring photographer and great fun to spend time wandering London with. I was lucky enough to have a full day’s tuition with her. She was brilliant at listening to the areas that I find difficult and structured her tuition and the day to overcoming these. My main issue was a fear of being seen, and specifically of getting close to / in front of subjects as I photographed them. She shared some really useful strategies to overcome these, and was great at giving me the support I needed to implement them on the street. I finished the day feeling that I had grown as a photographer, feeling more confident and spotting opportunities for photos that would previously have passed me by. Sam Rodgers.

© Sam Rodgers

"I’m a novice photographer with a little under 3 years experience. I met Linda through her ‘We Shoot People’ street photography meet up group after accidentally stumbling on her images online about ‘active street photographers in the UK’.
This was an absolutely nerve-wracking experience for me but Linda made me feel at ease over a coffee and ran through a list of small initial tips to help me get started. We walked and talked around areas of Seven Dials, Soho, Park Lane, Mayfair and Oxford Circus, finding countless interesting areas and listening to her talk about her ‘process’ of looking for opportunities. It was a very rewarding experience and I felt I learnt a great deal about everything from composition to processing.
I can’t recommend this 1-2-1 session highly enough, nor the meet-up group for those eager to learn the basics of street or candid photography. On top of a great day’s tutoring, I also had Linda look at a few of my favourite shots and give her opinion on my thought process in the capture and also of my image itself. I won’t win any prizes for the overall images I took but it was a vast improvement on everything I had attempted beforehand and look forward to repeating this lesson in a few months time. Great company and a great day’s photography."
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"I had a great time this evening! It was even better than I hoped. I felt comfortable with you right away - in addition to being a great photographer, you're very funny! Thanks for a memorable evening and the street photography tips!" Click to read a blog post on Brian Miller

"I spent the afternoon with the immensely talented, award winning street photographer Linda Wisdom. We talked about everything from overcoming your fear of being shouted at, to getting others to identify with your images, to geometry in your scene. I've not taken much street photography in my time but it appeals to me, perhaps because as a psychology grad I've always been interested in human behaviour. Today has reinvigorated me to pound the street's at lunchtime scanning the scene for potential street blips. Who know's, I might even be brave enough to get in close. Thanks for a fabulous afternoon shooting street Linda. Lots of fun" Click to read a blog post on Helen


To enquire about a street photography 1-2-1 street photography tuition session with me in London or elsewhere, drop me an email: hello[at]lindawisdomphotography.co.uk or use the contact page.